Volunteering & Mentoring Goals

"The road to Damascus was only found when blinded and a guide showed the way"

Our goals are to:-

  • Create an understanding and belief that learning can change lives
  • Provide opportunities for anyone with limited skills and qualifications to re-engage into learning
  • Inspire and equip individuals with skills to improve their economic situation
  • Reduce social isolation and show how to make a valuable contribution to society
  • Nurture and mentor under-achievers to develop their talents and abilities
  • Provide training and education programmes to offenders and ex-offenders to improve their own potential, creating safer communities by reduced re-offending.
  • Create the desire and belief that any individual with right support can make a different in their community
  • Work in partnership with other local organisations sharing similar goals

Please get in touch with us here at Holistic Harmony if you know of any organisations who would be interested in supporting achieving these goals.